Pokemon Go latest Game Master file

If you are a Pokemon fan like me, and you like dig deep in things, you would find the latest Pokemon Go Game master files interesting.

With every Pokemon Go update, the game downloads a game_master.protobuf file which contains all sort of data. Pokemon types, movesets, new items and a lot more, you just have to read it. The problem is, the .protobuf file is not in an easy to read format. Because of this, we make a game_master.json file from it.

Download the latest Pokemon Go Game Master file (0.69.1) here

Minek a reklám? Mert az oldalt saját szerveremen tárolom, és saját szabadidőmben készítem, így ezzel fedezem a költségeimet, és biztosítom, hogy te ingyen használhasd.

You can read more about Game master file decoding on the Pokemon Go HUB page: https://pokemongohub.net/guide-decode-pokemon-go-game_master-file

First of all, you can understand this json pretty easy, and second: you can process it for your for your php page, and make your own pokedex like this.